Youth Zone

What is the Youth Zone?

The Youth Zone, sponsored by YMCA Black Country, is perfect for anyone with tweens and teens! There you’ll find a smorgasbord of activities to engage young people including:

*Children must remain under the supervision of their carers at all times at Together Festival and should not be left alone in any of the zones.

  • Nerf Arena

  • Bubble football

  • Volleyball

  • Message Gaming Bus & Nail Bar

  • Chill out zone

  • Q&A panels with the Faith Experiment


As a special treat, MOBO Award winning gospel rapper Guvna B will be performing on the Tearfund Mainstage at 5pm, followed by a MEET AND GREET with the young people after his performance. Trust us – your teens won’t want to miss this! 

Chill Out Zone

Got questions about Faith and Science? Come and join in the conversations with experienced Christian scientists. 


Does life simply need the right conditions – or is there more to it?
Would you play a game with a one-in-a-billion chance and expect to win? The universe seems perfectly balanced to produce life. Even a slight deviation in its makeup would make it impossible. Science can describe this, but can it explain why?


Are we just improved animals? Or is there something truly special about humans?
The Bible tells us that humans are different from other animals. We’re made in God’s image. We have moral law, free will and stewardship over the earth and it’s creatures. From a science perspective, the separation between animals and humans seems to be shrinking with each discovery. Animals have demonstrated basic tool use, basic language and perhaps altruism. 

3.30 // WHO ARE YOU?

Are we more than the sum of our parts? Is the incredible human body a vehicle for something separate and eternal?
The human body is an extraordinary machine, running on chemical reactions and electrical impulses. The brain is the most complex computer system known to exist, but are we more than an incredible machine? Is the soul real or just an illusion?


Come along and ask your big questions about life, faith and spirituality to a live panel including Senior Pastors as well as a voice from your generation. 

YMCA Black Country Group

The Youth Zone is sponsored by YMCA Black Country Group.  YMCA is the world’s oldest and largest youth organization, working with numerous young people and their communities across the globe. YMCA Black Country Group is an independent local charity, affiliated to the wider YMCA Federation in England & Wales, and the global YMCA family. Across the Black Country and border areas there are thousands of young people who need our help. We do this by providing a broad range of services of accommodation, family work, support & advice, health & wellbeing, training & education and chaplaincy. Our vision is for both youth and community, as a result of this our work extends to include people of all ages, faiths, cultures and backgrounds.