Become A Church Partner

We’re believing we can partner with over 100 Black Country churches for Together Festival 22

In order to gather a large representation of the Body of Christ from across the 4 boroughs of the Black Country, we are encouraging individual congregations to become Partner Churches for the Together Festival.

If you’d like to become a Partner Church with us for Together Festival 22, please click on the link below to register your interest and we’ll get in touch with more information.


Church Partnership involves two things:


Promoting the festival within your congregation

We will be providing all Partner Churches with access to a range of promotional resources, including short films/videos for the festival that can be used in their church gatherings and on their social media platforms and e-publicity that can be shared online. We would ask that Partner Churches agree to regularly promote the festival to those in their churches as much as possible to encourage a good representation of the congregation to come on the day. If you want us to send someone to promote the festival personally, this can be organised with good, prior notice.


Helping support the costs of the festival

Access to the festival will be completely free of charge for those attending, so we are asking Partner Churches to offer financial support as they feel led, as we did with Together 2020. This will again be optional, but in the true spirit of partnership, we are suggesting a ‘notional expense’ of £3pp for the number of people you expect to be in your church representation on the day. However, we are happy for you to support as much or as little as you can. We would not want this factor to be obstructive to you being involved.